Receipe Title: Pumpkin&Spinach Dal.!

Origin Of Receipe: Andhra

For How Many People: 6

No Of Ingredients Used:12

How Many Minutes to Prepare: 12

How Many Minutes to cook: 20


  1. Chana dal,
  2. pumpkin,
  3. spinach,
  4. salt,
  5. green chilli,
  6. mustard,
  7. cumin,
  8. dry red chilli,
  9. curryleaf,
  10. oil,
  11. jaggery,
  12. tamrind

Step By step Cooking Description:

Step 1. In a pressure cook add

  • 1 and half cup soaked chana dal(30min),
  • 4 green chillies,
  • 1 cup spinach leaves,200 gms pumpkin pieces

cook until 3 whistles or 15 min.


Step 2. Now take the lemon sized Tamrind and extract the pulp with 300 ml water and add it to the Boiled Dal.

Step 3. Now add 1 tbsp of jaggery powder to it.

Step 4. Heat 1tbsp ghee or oil in a pan and add 

  • dry red chilli,
  • curry leaf,
  • mustard seeds,
  • cumin seeds

and add the tadka to the dal.


The tangy and sweet pumpkin dal goes well with roti and rice.

Best to try for autumn season and adjust the chillies and salt accordingly to your taste.


Health Benfits:

It’s very rich in vitamin A,K,E and jaggery ,spinach helps in higher Iron content.Also one of the low carb dish and proteins from chana dal makes it to be complete balanced dish.its vegetarian,glutenfree,vegan,noonion,no garlic perfect autumn recepies.



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