Receipe Title:Perfect open crumb sourdough loaf

Origin Of Receipe:A year of learning and making steps simple

For How Many People:4

No Of Ingredients Used:3/4

How Many Minutes to Prepare: 30

How Many Minutes to cook: 1440



  • Flour 300g,
  • Salt 6g,
  • Sourdough/wildyeast (flour,water) 60g and water 252g


Step By step Cooking Description:

Step 1. At night feed your sourdough starter

Step 2. Mix 300g manitoba or breadflour with 252g water (Alternatively mix 300g halbweiss mehl with 222g water. Not quite as nice as breadflour but still great)

Step 3. In the morning mix 60g of sourdough into your dough using the rubaud method

Step 4. 30minutes later mix 6g of salt in also using rubaud method

Step 5. Take a small piece of the dough and put it in a test tube or thin glass/jar and mark where the dough is and also where it would be doubled

Step 6. 30minutes later spray your work surface with water then pull the dough into a square shape and fold each of the four sides over the top

Step 7. 30minutes later do a lamination of the dough (pulling it out thin on a damp work surface without ripping it)

Step 8. 45-60minutes later do a fold

Step 9. 45-60minutes later do a fold

Step 10. 45-60minutes later do a fold

Step 11. Wait until your test-tube /jar dough is at about 90% / almost doubled

Step 12. Dump out your dough and shape it into a boule or batard and put it in a proofing basket or a towel lined container that you floured heavily ( a batard has a more open crumb)

Step 13. Put the dough into the fridge at 1-3 degrees celcius as soon as the testtube has reached double the size

Step 14. The next day heat your oven as high as it goes (probably 250c) preferably with a cast iron pot or a baking stone for about an hour

Step 15. If you are not using a cast iron pot make sure you get a lot of steam in the oven e.g. by using a container filled with water in the bottom of the oven.

Step 16. Cut the bread with a sharp knive preferably a razor blade

Step 17. Put the bread into the oven and turn down the heat to 220c and leave it for 20min

Step 18. Remove the lid of the cast iron pot or what ever is generating steam and bake for another 15-20min until browned to your liking and tapping the bottom makes a hollow sound


Health Benfits:

Sourdough has pre and probiotic properties and next to being very soft and delicious its much easier to digest than commercial bread


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